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EverGuide is Tyler's continuous improvement initiative, which includes training and consulting after implementation to ensure you get the most from your investment. It stems from our evergreen philosophy – ensuring our clients benefit from continually enhanced technology for the life of their products, as well as lower cost of ownership.

Continuous Improvement

When you view an implementation as the beginning of a continuing, supportive relationship, you can breathe easier knowing you won't be left dangling after go-live. As continuous improvement is the key to long-term success, Tyler is committed to helping you make the most of your software.

  • Encourage the use of new features and functions
  • Protect and maximize investment with support and consultations
  • Help you grow and advance your organization by using the latest technology

Consumption Gap

Every office experiences it at some point after software is implemented — new employees are hired, long-time staff leave, or the latest update includes new functions and features. The frequency and complexity of software releases can often create what we call a "consumption gap." To close that gap, we invest in programs and tools that support your success.

  • Continue our long-term commitment to improve the product
  • Help you better leverage these product enhancements
  • Provide a product "maturity model" for you to follow
  • Offer strategic planning services
  • Offer training resources

Maturity Model

Our EverGuide initiative identifies a continuous improvement maturity model to help clients improve technology to refine business processes. We help them analyze where their office falls on the maturity model continuum, with the goal of planning next steps now and into the future.

  • The Maturity Model scorecard identifies key characteristics of progressive levels of technology from basic to advanced
  • Use the Maturity Model to honestly assess your current state
  • Determine areas of improvement that are the most valuable and important
  • Set forth annual objectives for implementation and create goals for adjusting your procedures

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