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Microsoft is absolutely getting hammered by Google. Without a doubt, sometime within the next 12 months, I am making a prediction that Google Chrome is going to become the most popular browser being used on the internet. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that is a title that they have held for over a decade, but it is looking like their reign is coming to an end and in my opinion, this should definitely put some fear into Facebook.

Back in July 2008, internet Explorer was controlling 68.5% of the market and Google Chrome had not even been released yet. Now, if you fast forward to today, you will be amazed to see that Microsoft Internet Explorer is down to 34.8% market share and Google Chrome is at 30.9% when it comes to total browser usage on the internet. As Google Chrome continues to grow, Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to go downhill, making it only a matter of time before Google begins to dominate the market a far as internet browsers are concerned.

So, why should Facebook be concerned about this? After all, Facebook is a social networking website, while Google Chrome is a web browser. So, it should not matter to Facebook right? Wrong. You have to keep in mind that Google has some major plans for Google+ and they would love nothing more than to take over as the king of the internet. In the end, Google is going to want to stomp Facebook, because there is billions of dollars in advertising to be made with Facebook’s advertising platform that is interest-based

Right now, Google+ is not even in the same league as Facebook, especially with the Facebook IPO happening on Friday and that is going to be the largest technological IPO in history. However, Google is known for having a bunch of different separate entities. These entities may be strong in their own right, but once they are all combined, they are a force to be reckoned with. In other words, Google+ will inevitably be integrated into the Chrome browser.

You need to wrap your heads around this bit of news right now. With a single update, Google Chrome could be a social web browser that takes users straight to Google+ before they even have an option to go to Facebook. Sure, as of right now, Facebook is the king of the internet and that is not disputable. However, you have to go through a web browser in order to get to Facebook.com. This is where Google comes in and this is where they could really hurt Facebook.

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