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This is basically just going to be used as a starter guide for those of you that are new to Google+. Granted, Google+ has been around for a few months, but it is still relatively new and people are just beginning to give it the attention that it deserves. However, Google+ is still a bit confusing to some people, so whether you are just getting started or you just need some general help, you should be able to find this post helpful.

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First of all, you are going to need a Google account to get started with Google+. So, if you have a gmail account, YouTube, etc… You should be able to get your Google+ page setup in no time. When you sign up for Google+, make sure you begin to fill out your about section. Also, make sure that you add links to other social networking websites that you are a part of. If you have a blog or a website, you can also fill in the information for those, as well.

If you do not want to allow people to check out your videos, pictures, buzz, you will be able to turn off those tabs under the settings menu. If you do not have any up yet, make sure you turn them off anyway until you have added some. If you want to make changes to your profile, just click on the edit button and then you can click on which section you would like to edit. Also, you will be able to set permissions for whom you would like to be able to view those sections of your profile. After you are finished, make sure you click on the “done editing” link at the top of the page in order to save your changes.

Your account overview is where you will be able to associate other email addresses that you would like to use in order to log into your Google+ account. Also, you will be able to set which applications you would like to allow to have access to your Google+ profile. Also, if you like, you can turn Google+ on for non-Google websites.

Google+ settings is able to be accessed at the top of the page. By the time you make it to this tab, you will have probably covered a lot of these settings in your profile already. However, one thing that is noteworthy is the web history tab. If I had left this option turned on it would have given me the feeling that Google is watching me constantly. Therefore, I made sure that I turned this option off. That choice is up to you.

There is a Google Chrome extension for Google+. With this extension, you will be able to receive notifications on your desktop and you can post or respond via a popup menu. Also, this extension will enable you to switch between Google accounts fairly quickly. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I would highly advise checking it out.

This concludes the first part of this post. Check back in the near future for Part 2, so you can become completely familiar with Google+ and learn some things that you may have not known about it.

This is a continuation of Google+ Tips & Tricks to Get You Started – Part 1. So, if you haven’t read that post, make sure you do so. That way, you will be caught up with the stuff I am going to be discussing in this post. This is not meant to be some sort of advanced tutorial. As a matter of fact, this is just a sort of beginner’s guide, but it could also be deemed as helpful for people that are already familiar with Google+. With that being said, let’s get started.

Circles are basically the main thing about Google+. Circles are basically just a group that you can put friends into. For instance, Google+ Circles can be comprised of people that share a hobby of yours, close friends, business related, etc… In a nutshell, it is a way to categorize your friends.

If you would like to hide your circles from public view, you do have the option to do this. Just simple go to your Google+ profile, click on the edit button. Underneath your profile picture you will see pictures of people that you have put into circles. All you have to do is click on the Earth icon and you will be able to set options for viewing permissions.

A useful little tip is that you will be able to see a mini profile whenever you hold your mouse over someone’s profile picture. That way, you can get a little bit of information about that person. If you have already added them to your circle(s), you will be able to see which circle(s) you added them to.

Sparks is basically determined by your interests. Google will use your sparks in order to find other people that they think you should add, because they have similar interests to you. You should click on the spark link underneath your profile pictures and check out some of the interesting stuff that you can find.

Adding pictures is extremely easy with Google+. All you have to do to upload a picture is drag and drop the picture files from your computer. Also, if you have a smartphone, you will most likely be able to find a Google+ app for it and you will be able to upload pictures from your phone. Once you have uploaded a picture, you can click on it in order to edit it.

That’s it for right now. If you want some more Google+ tips, make sure you check back in the future and keep your eyes open for Google+ Tips & Tricks to Get You Started – Part 3.

Are you ready to get familiarized with Google+? If so, make sure you check out the other two parts to this article. If you have already read up on all of the Google+ tips articles I’ve written, you’re probably getting pretty tired and wondering when this series of articles is going to end. Well, I have some good news for you; this is going to be the last one! So, get your cup of coffee ready and those reading glasses one last time. This is the final chapter to my Google+ Tips & Tricks to Get You Started articles.

Sharing is something that is extremely straight-forward and shouldn’t throw you for a loop. If you have a profile on Facebook, you should definitely be comfortable with the Google+ sharing features. Also, you can add in your geo-location with Google Places. However, Google Places is actually disabled by default and I would highly suggest keeping it that way. If you are ever going to use that feature, I would suggest doing it while you are travelling. I would keep your home location private.

Google+ does enable you to be able to mute posts and remove them from your notifications. For instance, if a post gets commented on that you have already lost interest in, it could pop right back up in your notifications. If you don’t want this to happen anymore, just click on the arrow in the top right of the post and select the mute button. After that, you won’t receive notifications about that post anymore. If you want to unmute it, simply click on the mute button again.

Shortcuts are something that a lot of people don’t use, but if they did, they would find that they can be very beneficial to their browsing experience. Therefore, I am going to list some keyboard shortcuts you can use with Google+. Trust me, Google+ keyboard shortcuts are not something long and confusing that you will have to memorize. Instead, they’re fairly simple.

Q – Will enable you to open the chat.

K – Will enable you to scroll up in a post.

J – Will enable you to scroll down in a post.

Enter – Will enable you to start up a comment.

Tab – Will enable you finish a comment.

Space Bar – Will enable you to scroll down your stream.

That’s it! For now, you’re off the hook and won’t have to read anymore Google+ tips & tricks articles for a while. Now, you should be able to navigate and fully enjoy the social network known as Google+.

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