As a small business owner, you’re probably well aware of the effect that social media has on your business. If you’re seeking to advertise through social media as much as possible, having a blog is essential. You can make your blog even more effective by combining it with other social media platforms like Twitter. Here are just six ways to combine Twitter and your blog:

1. Name Your Twitter Account After Your Blog

This is especially important if your blog already has followers, but even if you’re just starting to build your blog and your Twitter account, linking them together with a similar name is a good method of branding.

2. List Your Blog for Your Twitter Followers

Make sure the link to your blog is listed in your Twitter profile, which is one of the first things people see on your Twitter page. Of course, you should also talk about your business here to entice potential customers to follow you. You might even want to give them an idea of what you’ll be blogging and Tweeting about (ie. company specials, information for industry professionals, FAQs about your business, etc.).

3. Link Your Twitter Feed to Your Blog Page

You’ll also want to give guests to your blog easy access to your Twitter account. Make it visible that you have a Twitter account. Blog readers who have Twitter accounts might want to follow you as an easier way of getting blogs updates than checking your blog every day. They know if they follow you, they’ll be able to see your new blog posts in their Twitter feeds.

4. Tweet All Your Blogs

Once you start your Twitter account, it’s important to keep it going by Tweeting each blog post you make. If you aren’t blogging several times a day, you’ll want to keep the content coming on your Twitter feed fresh by adding in extra Tweets between blog posts.

5. Write Mini Blogs Each Day

With that said, the best way to keep your Twitter account and your blog linked and to keep people following them is definitely to keep the content rolling on both of them. It used to be that bloggers would shoot for one or two longer blog posts a day. Now, though, social media like Twitter has made it a better idea to post several smaller blog posts each day so that your blog content and Twitter content stay fresh.

6. Follow People Who are Interested in Your Niche

Don’t just wait for people to find and follow you. Instead, follow others who might be interested in your Twitter feed and blog content. By doing this, you can get an idea of the needs of your target audience, and you can also make people aware of your business’s Twitter fed and blog.

According to the Huffington Post, there are over 200 million active accounts on Twitter, and the company saw a 110% increase in the number of daily Tweets that were posted last year. About half of Twitter users log in at least once a day! Obviously, this makes for a good potential market, so you need to jump in on it.

Daniela Baker is a social media advocate at CreditDonkey. If you aren’t sure where to start with either a blog or a Twitter feed, consider hiring a part-time employee or a freelancer to take over the project for you. Don’t have the business cash flow for that just yet? A small business loan could help you get started, or a small business credit card could be a good option, as well. Loans can give you predictable payments, but credit cards can give you rewards and a little more flexibility. Check out these options if you need to finance your new ventures into social marketing.

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